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a little about us

We’re a petite design studio based out of Falls Church, Virginia specializing in bringing design & technology to the fast growing community of entrepreneurs in our area since 2019.


Our design process is a lot like our approach to baked goods.


Jen is the baker and Karyn the decorator. Jen measures out the precise ingredients and double checks each step to make sure the cake is baked to perfection; a meticulous process much like her approach to making sure every technical detail is functioning and ensuring your business runs efficiently.


Karyn prefers to focus on the decorations with curated color pallets, frosting techniques, and a well executed theme to perfectly compliment any occasion. Marketing and art direction are approached in the same way, ensuring your message is executed with clarity and flare (because who doesn't love sprinkles?).


Together, you get exactly what you need to wow any audience. 

Jen keefer

technology director

The baker. Jen completed her degree in Digital Media & Web Technology in 2019. Her education includes contemporary projects in Social Media, Cybersecurity, Web Design, and Search Engine Optimization.


While continuing her studies, Jen has actively worked with various website platforms and software programs, including Wix, WordPress, JotForm, and Adobe Acrobat to create unique technology solutions to provide streamlined functionality for small businesses. Jen enjoys implementing efficient technology to automate & organize a small business’ and online presence and business processes.

karyn bowen

creative director

The decorator. Karyn majored in Fine Arts, dabbled in interior design after graduating and eventually found herself in a corporate job doing graphic design. While the 9 to 5 gig didn’t suit her, she fell in love with the design work and collaborating with people in her community. 


She has over 10 years of experience freelancing for everyone from small start-up companies to large corporations. Karyn's passion lies in the clear organization of ideas through visuals, making it not only memorable but easy for the audience to consume. It doesn’t get any better than that moment when a client's vision is actualized.


what people say


Choosing to work with Link & Layer was without a doubt the best business decision I made. From the minute technical details to the brand aesthetic and the social media component, they helped me create a landing page, social media presence and online store that garnered hundreds of subscribers before I ever opened my doors. I was so thankful for their insights into issues I had never considered, and I would recommend them to any small business without hesitation. 


Working with Link & Layer is one of the best decisions I've made as a business owner. They have such an incredible eye for graphic design and their skills are unparalleled. With even the most basic instruction, they are able to get a vision for what I'm looking for and deliver it quickly and professionally. I can't sing their praises enough!! They will always be my go-to for graphic design!

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