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form mock-ups

Below you'll find a mock-up of the three form platforms we offer to our clients: Wix, Google, and Jotform. They offer different benefits, so we hope this helps to better understand each and which might be best for your business' needs. Feel free to test and submit form functions. 

All forms are viewable and functional on both desktop and mobile, but due to the length of these examples, for best user experience, we suggest viewing these forms on a desktop or laptop computer. 

wix forms


  • Branding will match the website exactly.

  • Extensive field options; appointments, signatures, terms acceptance, payments, file uploads, Recaptcha.

  • Easily make updates within the Wix platform, so there's no need for a 3rd party program.

  • Submissions are managed and integrated directly in Wix within a submissions table. Results can be exported to a spreadsheet. 

  • Choose which fields save to your contacts when visitors submit the form.

  • Create automated responses for every submission like thank you emails or a new task.

  • Form notifications can be set up to be sent to Wix Inbox, the mobile app, and or your email inbox. 


  • Advanced fields may only be available with an upgraded subscription. 

  • Multiple forms within a website are only included with an upgraded subscription. 

  • Advanced layout options may require Wix experience.


Welcome to our Wix example form. This is a paragraph field that can include information you want to relay to the user about the form; instructions, guidance, or contact sources. Below you'll find Wix's general field options

google forms


  • Easy to update administrative interface and easy to navigate user interface.

  • Integrates directly with a Google account.

  • Collaboration options for teams.

  • Link responses to a Google Sheet so all the information is easily stored in one place. 

  • Set up email notifications for form admin when a form is submitted.


  • Limited functionality & layout options.

  • Design options are very limited, but colors and backgrounds and images are customizable to match your branding.

  • Embedded form is slightly slower on website.

  • Required management within a Google account.

  • Embedded form may require separate scroll to view.

  • Embedded form may show up differently depending on browser and/or device.

  • Can not accept payment.

  • Lack of customized email notification for customer without additional third party add-on. 



  • Customizable functionality; conditional logic, personalized confirmations, form disable dates, translation, text auto-complete, calculations.

  • Extensive field options; appointments, signatures, terms acceptance, payments, file uploads, Recaptcha.

  • Integration options; Google Sheets, MailChimp,, Zoom, Dropbox, Slack.

  • Custom sharing options; website embed, direct link, QR code, social media, email, app. 


  • Design options beyond basic, but are limited. There are customizable features to match branding. 

  • Embedded form may have minor design differences from the main website.

  • Managed separately on Jotform.

  • Embedded form may behave differently on webpage vs on Jotform site.

  • Embedded form may show up differently depending on browser and/or device.

  • Jotform branding required in free account.


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