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terms of agreement


Link & Layer will provide the services included in the Proposal provided.​



Link & Layer will assist with up to 3 revisions of the final draft, at which point Link & Layer will charge a fee of $100/hour if additional revisions are requested by the Client. Link & Layer will provide an additional proposal if the client requests modifications to the scope of the project.


Client modifications to the proposed completion date due to delays or lack of communication will be subject to an additional fee of 5% of the invoice in its entirety on a weekly basis.



The Client will pay Link & Layer for the Work. Payments will be made as follows:

• 50% upfront as a deposit to begin Work.

• 50% upon reaching the proposed completion date or completion of Work.


Payment will be invoiced electronically. Unless otherwise specified in writing, invoices not paid within 30 days of the invoice date will accrue interest at 10% per week.


The Client is responsible for approval of work. Any verbal or written modifications made by Client to the scope of the work following its initiation by Link & Layer are subject to additional charges. Should such changes negate any part of the work already completed at the time of the changes, the Client accepts responsibility for payment of the completed work and all services related to it, in addition to charges for the change itself.


The Client is responsible for regular email communication during the timeline of the project. Link & Layer will attempt email communication 3 times before the project stops and the final invoice is due in full. Restarting the project will require an upfront payment of the original total invoice amount in full to complete the project. Link & Layer will communicate via email at, or Client will provide preferred primary email information.



Upon completion of the project, any access, roles, and permissions given by the Client for the purpose of carrying out the agreed-upon tasks and responsibilities will remain. Unless explicitly requested otherwise by the client, Link & Layer reserves the right to retain these roles and permissions for the continued maintenance, monitoring, and support of the completed project.


The client understands that retaining these roles and permissions post-completion allows Link & Layer to efficiently address any potential issues, implement updates, and provide ongoing support as needed. This arrangement is intended to ensure the seamless functioning and security of the website should we be contracted to do additional work, maintaining the integrity of the original work performed by Link & Layer.



Upon payment of the final invoice, The Client has full property right of the work. The Client owns the copyright. Additionally, Link & Layer is no longer liable for modifications, updates, or malfunctions once ownership has been transferred to the Client and the final review period has expired.


Link & Layer is granted the right to use clips from the Work on their portfolio, website, and marketing.

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